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The Project Recruit Difference

PROJECT RECRUIT 's mission is to help fast growing  law firms become more productive and highly 

profitable with the power to attract and retain top talent. 

Concierge Consulting Services  

  • A Comprehensive Assessment of Your Ability to Recruit and Retain the Best Talent for Your Business

  • Achieve Operational Excellence. 

  • Pragmatic and Proven Solutions to Improve How You Hire

  • Higher Retention Rates means Less Turnover 

  • More Productive Employees equals Increased Income

  • Happier Employees results in More Productivity

  • The Right Employee Fit

  • More Referrals

  • Business Growth

  • And More

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*Company Assessment and Recommendations Enrichment


PROJECT RECRUIT finds "perfect fit" employees by getting to know you and your business. 

  • We create your "wish list" for the ideal employee

  • Over 20 years of experience in recruiting and placing candidates 

  • Managing successful law firms, and

  • Send you ONLY candidates that fit your needs. 

  • Saves you time and money and help your grow your bottom line, is FIT.

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"Project Recruit helped me understand why I was struggling to find good employees that would work hard for me and my business, grow with my company and stay.  By consulting with Connie Rinaldi, and her team, I found out what my employees were really thinking and got great strategies for addressing their concerns.  I also found out that they old way that I had been doing things for years, no longer worked for my larger business.  I didn't understand why my bottom line was stuck and my employees were moving on to greener pastures.  My 360 review and coaching from the team, showed me that by taking my employees concerns seriously and taking action on those things, my workplace could be much more efficient, I could save time and money and candidates would want to come work for us and stay.  I only wish I had found Project Recruit sooner."  Anonymous, Founding Partner

Why Work With Project Recruit? 

Customized Plans

At Project Recruit we believe that each client deserves our undivided attention.  Every business is different with a unique culture and identity.  That is why our consulting and hiring plans are customized for you, your needs and your goals. 

Team of Experienced Professionals

Project Recruit is qualified to consult and advice our clients across multiple disciplines giving you the ability to make sure all of the pieces of your business connect in a way that makes sense.  We call this our 360 review, you call it SUCCESS. 

Years of Experience

With over 50 years of collective experience working in, running, building and growing law firms and legal services companies, Project Recruit understands the growing pains of law firms as they scale.  That is the Project Recruit Advantage.  We bring you practical experience from professionals across multiple business development disciplines. 

Connie Rinaldi, Founder Project Recruit
Who We Are ?

Connie Rinaldi, Esq. 
​Founder, Project Recruit

Project Recruit is a consulting team of experienced business growth and efficiency experts working together to create workplaces that attract and retain the best talent while improving the bottom line. 

The founder of Project Recruit, Connie Rinaldi, has taken her nearly 20 years of law firm experience, B2B experience with law firms as clients and her business skills to create a boutique recruiting and consulting firm to deliver her expertise to her clients. 

Each member of the Project Recruit Team has years of experience in building, growing, planning, executing, recruiting, retaining and marketing successful businesses.  

Our experience has taught us that people are the most valuable resource a business can have.  Hiring the right person, not just by experience, but by fit and philosophy makes the difference between a dedicated team and an inefficient workplace.  

Our clients are able to use the resources of collectively over 75 years of experience building successful businesses.  

"Create a workplace where people want to work, where employees understand the mission and vision of the business, are valued and cultivated.  This is the recipe for attracting and retaining the best possible talent and ensuring that they can help you grow your business and increase profitability."  Connie Rinaldi

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