The Project Recruit Story


Connie Rinaldi, the founder and CEO of PROJECT RECRUIT learned one big thing while creating, developing and building several businesses over the last 20 years.  

The key to every successful business is its people.  No business can achieve its greatest potential without a dedicated, talented and engaged staff.

To be successful, the people in any business, must know that at work, they are valued employees and respected.  And as a result, the company thrives, grows and prospers because of its engaged, happy and productive workforce.

Project Recruit was founded on the principals that a successful business starts with a solid foundation and grows from there.  Putting the right people in the right jobs at the right time, keeping them over time and allowing them to grow with your business is the difference between the average business and great companies. 



Connie Rinaldi has taken her nearly 20 years as a practicing attorney, combined it with her extensive experience as the founder and CEO of a successful law firm and an award winning legal services company, where she recruited and placed hundreds of attorneys on a project basis to create PROJECT RECRUIT.  A boutique recruiting and consulting firm designed to deliver her knowledge and perspective on building, growing and staffing law firms and small businesses to her clients. 


After years of practicing law, founding, creating and cultivating two successful law practices and discovering that most lawyers are great lawyers, but not necessarily great business people, Jacqueline Cara set out to learn the business end of practicing law and focusing on the best strategies to grow successful businesses.  "Many owners and Managing Partners of small and mid-sized law firms are so busy doing the work that they have no time and few skills to build and grow their practices." Says Cara. 

Taking her extensive experience founding and growing her own growing successful law firm and establishing a new firm in an untested market, she learned the nuts and bolts of handling the business side of the practice of law and how to market and grow law firms.  Jackie has advised many law firms, legal services companies and other businesses on the best way to "sell their services" and improve their bottom line.  

Daniel Savage, Legal Operations Director

Dan Savage brings years of planning, implementing and managing legal operations for several large law firms.   

Embracing technology and automations and building those processes into the firm's processes and procedures, Dan has strategically broken down and analyzed firm wide costs and productivity lowering the firm's overall costs and increasing office profitability.  

Firms that embrace working with a skilled Operations Director uncover more opportunities, negotiate better vendor rates and allocate tasks to the right employees while managing projects, workflows and programs faster without compromising on quality.  

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to help business owners recruit and retain the best employees for their business. 

With a right from the start mentality, Project Recruit's team of experts identifies gaps that might be impairing an organization ability to find and retain the people they need to make their business a success. 

Project Recruit provides Consulting Clients with a 360 review report that identifies, strategizes and provides solutions to help business reach its full potential. 

With the right foundation in place, Project Recruit's proven, professional and personalized recruiters get to work finding the right fit for your team and your business. 

The Project Recruit Guarantee

PROJECT RECRUIT guarantees that we will only send you the best candidates for YOUR firm.  No more unqualified interviewees, irrelevant resumes or inexperienced candidates.  Just high quality, good fit, qualified candidates for your job. 

Working with PROJECT RECRUIT will save your business time, money, headache and hassle and help you retain and cultivate the best employees for your practice. 

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