Change the way you hire with Project Recruit

When we were creating Project Recruit, we took our years of experience in business growth and development, coupled with years of recruiting and staffing thousands of people.  We poured over the things that we didn't like about the business, like the culture of recruiting, the difficulty finding and retaining the best and brightest in their field, frustrated clients with high turnover, and we started thinking about how Project Recruit could do things differently and produce better results, creating happier clients and more productive workplaces.  

Discover What is Working and What Could Use Some Attention: 

The biggest challenge we faced when recruiting and placing "the old way" was bad fit.  Most skills can be developed and taught.  Fit can't.  Putting the wrong person in the wrong job can create frustration, an unhappy workplace and a lack of productivity.  Project Recruit addresses that by helping our clients take a look at how their offices are running and figuring out how to put the best person in the best job for them.  It changes the way workplaces work.  

Better Recruiting Techniques Mean Better Recruits

By looking for the best person for your specific job and workplace, we avoid the trap of "perfect on paper" candidates and hire specifically for you and your existing employees.  By following this core belief, Project Recruit significantly reduces turn over and improves moral, which means businesses can be more productive and you, the business owner can see the difference in the bottom line. 

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